Friday, May 23, 2008

Evelyn Palfrey - Talk About Against All Odds!

Today's guest blogger is Evelyn Palfrey. By way of introduction, I have one thing to say: she brings new meaning to "Against All Odds." If you're drinking anything, put it down now before you spray the screen! Here goes...

After reading Niambi Brown Davis' From Dusk to Dawn, I was excited about the possibility of being courted by a younger man. Unlike Ayo, I’m headed toward 60, so ‘younger man’ for me would be in his mid-40’s. It was almost like I conjured him up. After several flirtatious encounters, he asked me out for dinner. Now all of that surprised me, but shouldn’t have. It was consistent with what my friends who in are those kinds of relationships reported--that the younger man initiated the contact and pursued the relationship.
So after spending way more time than usual selecting an outfit that would be both stunning and comfortable (read elastic), off I go to dinner. Okay so I had a little trouble getting in the low-slung BMW two-seater, and congratulated myself for having returned the 5-inch heels back to their dark corner of the closet in favor of more sensible ones. As we whizzed along the freeway, small talk revealed that he had bought the car right after the separation from Wife No 2. He owed it to himself, after all. I understand owing oneself, having spent 30 years on a job and raising several children.
At dinner, I learned the following salient facts: younger wives can be a real pain in the butt because they are expensive to maintain and they want children; judges are in cahoots with women to hold the Black man down; child support is unfair because there is no reduction for expenses such as BMW car payments; and credit card limits are easily reached because of all of the above. As I signed the credit card slip (as a loan of course), I was thinking, I need to re-read From Dusk to Dawn. I must have skipped a chapter.
Back at my front door, I’m wondering what is the proper protocol when the date has paid (even on a loan) for the meal she was invited to. But I don’t want him to think I’m acting chicken-shit over the loan, so I reluctantly accept his invitation into my living room and my bar. Okay, so the real deal is that I found it more palatable than the prospect of my nosy neighbor seeing me act a fool on my front porch. Through half a bottle of my best whiskey, he regales me with tales of the evil almost-ex wife, interspersed with comments about how nice and big my place is--with emphasis on big. Suddenly, his mood turns amorous, and in a tipsy way that I’m sure he thinks is sexy, he suggests that I go slip into something comfortable. I agree to do that, as I remember a line from Dangerous Dilemmas--“Honey, I’m way too old to have bad sex.”
Before Brothaman figured out what time it was, he was back on my porch, and I was in something comfortable, curled up in my bed with Bilal. The next time I decide to go against all odds, I’ll try a 30-something Hindu Jew.

EVELYN PALFREY is a native Texan, a graduate of Southern Methodist University and the University of Texas Law School. Besides working in the criminal justice system, she is an avid motorhomer and gardener, and is active with the Writers League of Texas, the Austin Romance Writers of America, the Travis County Bar Association and the Links Inc.
"I write stories that have middle-age heroes and heroines because I believe that romance is just as beautiful with a little grey at the temples."


Yasmin said...

ROTFLMAO...sis I love me some Ms. Ev...she is a great storyteller...and she always manages to make me laugh until my sides hurt!
Leave it to Ev to put a different spin on being a gray

Beverly said...

Oh Ms Ev as brought it on as usual!

I am glad for the warning on putting my drink down before reading as I laughing out loud.

Angelia... said...

Very Funny...nice job!


shelia said...

Thanks ladies. I love Evelyn Palfreys books and this was a real treat. I'm all for the cougars.

Book Manaic said...

ROTFLMAZZZZ OFF.. Ms Ev is once again at her best. Noone tells a story like she can. If you thought the story was funny wait till you meet her in person.



JC Martin said...

Very funny. Different than all the rest.

Anonymous said...

I should have heeded the damn warning cause now I done spilled coke all over my desk!! That was FUNNY!!!

Ms. Ev, when is he gonna pay his loan back?

Love it...laugh much needed!


Gwyneth Bolton said...

This was hilarious. Great post, Evelyn. I'm laughing my behind off!


Dera Williams said...

You are too funny Evelyn. I love it. Yeah, there are trade-offs to dating a younger man. Too funny.

Anonymous said...

Wow Ms E., I should have expected this laugh but soon found out wasn't prepared as I thought because my very hot black coffee went all over me and the keyboard which left me in tears and a little burnt but hey I'm still laughing and only dreaming that my day will come. 5 inch heels hummm

Tina A

Evelyn said...

Hey Ladies, I'm glad I could bring a smile, a yuck, a chuckle or a guffaw to your day--'cause Lawd knows we all need a little lift in our lives. Be it a job, school, a kid, an illness, a parent, a spouse or something else, each of us is dealing with something heavy. A little smile break sometimes give us the strength we need to keep rowing.

And Darnetta, if the outstanding loan will keep him from coming back around, it will be the best money I evah spent=:)


Anonymous said...

What a hoot and a holler!

Absolutely loved it!


Anonymous said...

Too funny!! LOL I dont think you have to worry about him coming back, will probably avoid you so he doesnt have to address the loan......remember, he's gotta make that BMW and credit card payments...not to mention the price of gas!!


Niambi Brown Davis said...

Evelyn, thank you so much for giving us a whole 'nother look at "Against All Odds!" Only you could bring it like that!

Niambi Brown Davis said...

Ladies, didn't I warn you to put down your drinks? Thanks so much for stopping by. I knew it would make your laugh for the day!

All the Buzz Literary Reviews said...

OMG!!!! This is hilarious!!!! Glad my glass was empty! LOL


pittershawn said...

Great read, Evelyn.

Kim Robinson said...

Don't give up Evelyn, we all had to kiss a lot of frogs before we found another prince, or the second or the third


Luv ya

Anonymous said...

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