Friday, May 9, 2008

Day Four: Mama's Got Some Business-Get Some of Your Own!

"Oh my God! You just walked in on your mother locked in an intimate embrace with a man who is young enough to be her son! Well, maybe not quite that young, but he’s young enough to be your big brother from another mother and it’s just damned inappropriate! She should be ashamed of herself! What could she possibly be thinking?"

I'll bet that caught your attention, didn't it? For more on Day Four's theme, you just cannot miss author Ebony Farashuu's blog. Today she tackles the issue of a grown son who refuses to realize that his mother is also a woman. For more of this witty and heartfelt take on mama's business, visit Ebony at

Here's more about Ebony:

Ebony Farashuu, author of SLOW BURN, is a native of Tulsa , Oklahoma. She began reading at an early age. Her love of the written word soon progressed to writing stories and poems. As a teen, a typical crush on an R&B singer and the friendship of a fellow writer inspired her to write all of her thoughts and dreams down on paper. What started out as a joke between friends soon transformed into, literally, thousands of pages about the life that she dreamed of living one day. She eventually grew out of her superstar musings and grew into the art and creativity of writing down whatever her mind could imagine. In 2002, she self-published "Butterfly Kisses: Poetry For the Many Faces of Love".. This book won Honorable mention in the SCBC Self Published Author Awards for Poetry Book of the Year! In 2007, her novel, SLOW BURN was released by Kobalt Books. SLOW BURN continues to receive rave reviews and has landed on the reading lists of book clubs around the country!

Ebony Farashuu is co-host of The Corner Book Store, an hour long radio segment on local radio station Hot 1340. She is an active member of Sister's Sippin Tea Literary Group, and she is a contributing writer for Reading and Book Promotion Community.

Ebony Farashuu was recently named Best NEW Multi-Cultural Fiction Author as well as Best Multi-Cultural Fiction Author of 2008 by SORMAG MAGAZINE's Readers Choice Awards! Her Novel, SLOW BURN, was also cited as the Reader's Choice for Best Multi-Cultural Fiction Novel.

SLOW BURN is available at all major bookstores and online!


Yasmin said...

Hey Niambi...and welcome to Day 4 of your tour. Ebony's response is definitely heartwarming, witty and makes you think...and I love how she says Stay Out of Grown Folks Business...Go Get Some Business of Your Own. I believe one day I'm going to have to tell my kids the same thing! Hehe...what about you...have you ever had to tell your grown kids where to step off and stop meddling?
PS Happy Mother's Day and MANY MORE!

Niambi Brown Davis said...

Thanks, Yasmin, and by the way, you've gotten a compliment on your spearheading of the Against All Odds Tour! As far as my kids, the opportunity has not yet arisen where I have to hold up my hand and say "stop!" At this point in my life, though, it wouldn't be a hard thing to do at all because right now, it's all about me! (lol)

Book Manaic said...

I am having a ball jumping to all of these blogs. Niambi and Yasmin you have done a really great job. But I really need to get to work...

I love Ebony's piece.


JC Martin said...


Every where you go on this tour the opinions are so different. I can't wait to read your book...I wonder who will I relate with more out of all the different opinions I've read thus far.

Yasmin said...

LOL about the kids and email me and let me know you gave me kudos!

Yasmin said...

LOL and thanks Cilla!

Yasmin said...

I know Jennifer...I like that each of the article bloggers have taken a different perspective so's good to see the varied opinions.

GENESIS said...

I'm kind of selfish so my mommy could tell me to get my own business and I would retort that my business is I'd probably try to sabotage the relationship....did it as a young child when she met my stepdad (whom I LOVE dearly) so I'm sure I'd do it as an adult.

I'on me a


Niambi Brown Davis said...

Hey, everyone: sorry I'm so late, but I've got to keep up with the conductor of this tour! (lol) It's great reading the various opinions on each topic. There's a lot of food for thought in each of them.