Monday, May 26, 2008

Road Trip!

This week, from May 25-31, I’m pleased to be featured as guest blogger for The Savvy Sista. It’s a call and response - I’ll tackle themes addressed in From Dusk to Dawn, ask a couple of questions and invite readers to weigh in. We’ve already gotten off to a great start with visits from loyal travelers on the Against All Odds Tour. Make sure you stop by and leave your own comments.
I’d also like to thank Minnie Miller, the Marvelously Mature Author and Essayist, for inviting me to visit. Click here to read the interview
Minnie is the author of The Seduction of Mr. Bradley, available at and Forever, My Love, posted here in Amazon Shorts
Be sure to check her out!


Yasmin said...

I'm on board and headed over to read today's post.

JC Martin said...

I'll try to keep up. I left a comment on savvy sister.

Beverly said...

This is a good tour with thoughtful questions - makes me think (smile)

Book Manaic said...

Love the articles.. tried to post a message on SisterFriends site but I got confused... Ya know I am slow... :-(

'cilla, ps.. don't worry about the driving, it took me forever

GENESIS said...

I have a cousin who won't drive. I can't convince her to save my

Great interview on the SistahFriend website!


Niambi Brown Davis said...

Thanks 'Cilla and Darnetta - I'm going to put out an APB when I get my license, or as they say on the cop shows a BeOnTheLookout! (lol)