Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Day Six: On the Air with TheGrits.com

Today's stop is On the Air with TheGrits.com. Instead of an interview conducted over hundreds of miles of telephone wire, my chat with host Marlive Harris was more like good conversation across the table in a cozy café. We delved into a lively discussion of the challenges facing Ayo and Bilal in From Dusk to Dawn. We talked about the expectations and challenges of a new writer, and the evolving state of black romance novels.

Click on the link below for the entire interview. And don't forget to drop me a line and share your own thoughts.


Here's more about today's host. TheGrits.com is an online reading and book promotion community for readers and writers of all ages. Their reading communities for adults and children collectively consist of author interviews, book reviews, reading guides, book club listings, and interactive elements such as author podcasts, email discussion lists, online book chats and virtual book parties. Their web publicity service designs online book campaigns tailored to fit an author’s special interests, talents, books, and readership.

Thank you, Marlive!


Dera Williams said...

Going over to Grits. Marlive is one of my favorite people. Another mainstay in the African American literary commumity.

Yasmin said...

Hey Niambi...I'm listening to the interview now and it's really good. Gurl you just keep getting better and better! YGG!
I'm proud to be on board withchu...hehe.

JC Martin said...

Marlive and you were really comfortable together. I enjoyed listening to you share, especially about what you would do differently.

Niambi Brown Davis said...

Hi, Dera; I met Marlive for the first time at Romance Slam Jam 2003 and here I am in 2008 being interviewed by her!

Niambi Brown Davis said...

Thanks, Yasmin: I'm getting used to it now; I hope you know that I wouldn't be on board ANYTHING if it wasn't for you steering me along- big hugs to you!

TheGRITS.com said...

Hey Niambi,

Just wanted to stop by and show you some more GRITS LUV and to let you know how much I enjoyed chatting with you about your new book. Your VBT is FABULOUS!!

I want to THANK everyone (smooches especially for Dera) following your tour for stopping by and posting a message with us at On The Air; I truly appreciate it!

I want to send some major (((KUDOS))) out to Yasmin Coleman at APOOO Books for hosting such an AWESOME and fun tour; Yasmin you get my YDG (YOU DOING GOOD) Award on this one sis!

And last but certainly not least, Niambi, the next time I see you, you'll be wearing a "I'm a Writer" t-shirt - LOL! Hey I am serious about those shirts being a true conversation starter so you don't ever have to worry about how you're going to let everyone you encounter know about your book(s). So go ahead, make one, or pick up one from any of the great sellers listed at CafePress that specializes in print products for authors and readers (feel free to email me if you need a link to where many of these shirts are listed).

Thank you for including On The Air With TheGRITS.com on your VBT and I wish you continued success in all you do!

Beverly said...

Great interview!

I am enjoying this tour.

Niambi Brown Davis said...

Thank you Marlive, for your support in so many ways.
I second your praise of Yasmin - she has spearheaded this campaign and brought such great results.At RSJ I spoke about gratitude - it's people like Yasmin, you and all the others who have joined me on the tour for whom I truly grateful.