Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Against All Odds - Day Two

All aboard - it’s Day Two of the Against All Odds Virtual Book Tour! Today blogger Vee Jefferson will share what she believes is the greatest obstacle to keeping a couple from saying "I Do.”

There are so many facets to Vee. She’s the host of a wonderfully, exciting blogspot - VJBS, a collection of randoms. Although her main mission is to promote health and wellness, VJBS is for any and everything in between. It's a place for self expression and exploration. Here she blogs about books, music, poetry, movies, people - absolutely anything she finds interesting. VJBS is also the home of her Jowaje Philosophy. Vee uses this space to sit back, be quiet, and just listen as she reflects.

Vee Jefferson is a registered nurse, columnist, and freelance writer who writes on subjects ranging from health news and information to entertainment. She is the owner of Jowaje, a health information site whose mission is Education and Prevention ~ To Enlighten and Empower. Jowaje Publishing is the home of her soon-to-be-released eBook, The Truth About Healthcare: Uncensored, a guide originally written for patients to help them understand how to get the best care while in the hospital. But this excellent book has also become a voice for nurses already in the profession as well as for doctors who are interested in a raw glimpse into the world of nursing!

Visit Vee today and leave a comment at

And thanks, Vee, for sharing your space and your perspective with me!


Yasmin said...

All aboard and a hearthy thanks to Vee for graciously agreeing to be apart of the Against All Odds tour!

Vee Jefferson said...

Thank you Niambi and Yasmin both for having me. The pleasure was all mine.

Niambi, your book is incredible!
I can't believe this is your FIRST novel.


Book Manaic said...

Wow.. I am learning a lot. Awesome picture of Vee.

JC Martin said...

Niambi and Yas,

Y'all chose a good person to be on the tour, her perspective on the book brought some new light on the subject of Ayo and Bilal I didn't think of but will when I finally get a chance to read it.