Thursday, May 22, 2008

On the Road Again - Gratitude and Dee Savoy

Today’s Against All Odds Tour stop is a visit with best-selling romantic suspense author Deirdre Savoy. When she offered me an opportunity as guest blogger, the first word that came to mind was gratitude. A few years ago, Dee was an instructor in the writing course that led to From Dusk to Dawn. "I like your writing style, but you're giving too much away," she told me. Since then, she's been a mentor and a friend. And I still have those notes.

In my novel From Dusk to Dawn, Ayo Montgomery has some issues, but there’s a lot for which she is grateful. Twenty years after the sudden, tragic death of her husband, Ayo has not only survived, but thrived. Her beloved only child is a marine biology student in Florida. A hobby has turned into a successful business and she owns a home that she loves. My own road to publication was paved with the blessings of those to whom I refer as “literary angels.” What better place to speak of gratitude? Read on - I’m in the visitor’s chair at

Here’s more about Dee: Native New Yorker Deirdre Savoy’s writing career began on the shores of Martha’s Vineyard where she first started writing romance as a teenager. The island was the setting for her first novel, Spellbound, published by BET in 1999. Since then she has published more than a dozen books and two novellas, all of which have garnered critical acclaim and honors. Deirdre has won two prestigious Emma awards. Her work has been featured in a variety of publications, including Black Issues Book Review, Romantic Times, Affaire de Coeur and Blackboard Bestsellers List. Visit Dee at


Yasmin said...

Love the post and how you tired it all together! Sounds like Dee is one of those folks you might want to pay forward via a random act of kindness as she is truly a very giving person in an industry that can be very cutthroat.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Yasmin! Great post


JC Martin said...

Good way to pay it forward to a "literary angel."

Anonymous said...

Fortunately I had the honor of attending a workshop given by Dee Savoy in Dallas almost two years ago. The only down side was that the workshop was far to short. She gave me such wonderful ideas, and made me take an honest look at the limits I put on my writing. I still remember and use everything comment she made in that 45 min time span. My writing is better for having been in her workshop.

Anonymous said...

Niambi it looks like that workshop really paid off because you got a winning book. I loved it, hoping you do a chat on it soon. Pay it forward is such a great idea and Dee Savoy is one of my favorite authors with Spellbond being my favorite book of hers. Great success and when can we look for your next book to come out.

Tina Allen

Dee Savoy said...

Wow, Niambi,

I just stumbled over here. Looks like you have a great community of folks here supporting you. Thanks ladies for the lovely compliments. I am a firm believer of paying it forward. So many folks helped me, so I felt the need to pass it on.

Wishing you much continued success--

All the best,