Sunday, April 6, 2008

Good News 'Round Midnight

What did we do before the internet? It’s not really a question, because I know exactly what we did back in the land before time. We were slaves to the twin terrors - the IBM Selectric and King Xerox. And prisoners of the jack-in-the wall landline phone. But it’s a new day. All it takes to spread the word or good news is one click of the mouse. So imagine my delight, when in the middle of the night, my first review for From Dusk to Dawn appeared in an email. Read this 4+ review and you’ll know why my early morning buzz had nothing to do with coffee. Here’s what Marguerite Lemons, Romance in Color reviewer, had to say about From Dusk to Dawn:

CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE |4+| Marguerite Lemons
REVIEW: Ayodele “Ayo” Montgomery was widowed at a young age. She returned to the Washington, D. C. area from Trinidad after the death of her husband, and built a successful skin care company; all while raising her son Kedar, who is now in college. The last thing Ayo is looking for is love, and especially with a younger man. Bilal Abdul-Salaam is a much sought after antiquities appraiser and restorer who has been waiting for the right woman to marry and have his children. When Ayo answers her door she is unprepared for the feelings that assail her at the sight of Bilal and he is just as taken aback at the sight of her. Ayo cannot believe that she is attracted to a younger man, and she is afraid of how her son will react to their relationship. When she finds out that she may not be able to give Bilal the family he desires, she decides to let him go. But Bilal will not have any of that; he is determined to make her his wife no matter what obstacles stand in their way.

Ayo is a strong willed, independent woman. She has overcome the loss of the love of her life at a young age, and against all odds created a successful business out of her soap making hobby. My only problem with her was her constant self-doubt, snap judgments, and her willingness to give up the man she claimed to love so easily. Bilal is a strong, even-tempered, and level-headed man. He is extremely patient and caring, and he bends over backwards to help Ayo.

FROM DUSK TO DAWN is a riveting story of an unconventional romance. The odds are against the leads’ relationship from the beginning. There is the clash between their religious beliefs and the difference in their ages. I enjoyed the way that Ms. Davis worked through all of the characters problems. The supporting characters were considerate and encouraging to the couple, and I thought the friction between Ayo’s son, Kedar, and Bilal was handled very well. The author also managed to weave into the mix the issue of infertility in older women brought on by endometriosis and other ailments. She even broached the topic of depression and the characters ability to acknowledge and cope with it.

Ms. Davis is to be commended for a well written and interesting story. I enjoyed it and will recommend it to my friends.

Of course, I emailed my thanks to Ms. Lemons. Here is her reply:

“I was trying hard not to tell the whole story because people really need to buy this book and read it for themselves. As for Bilal, I gave them a hint, so they are going to have to read the book to find out just how good he is!... So, you are welcome, but I really have to thank you for writing such an enjoyable story. I really had forgotten that this is your first novel. You really are to be commended for such exceptional work. I look forward to reading your next one.”

My second book is in the works. I know what I have to do...


Yasmin said...

Great review sis...and for those who were on the fence regarding purchasing your book...I hope this review moved them to pre-order it today!

Anonymous said...

What a great review of your book Niambi. If I wasn't already excited about it, this would definitely have me looking for a copy.



MsAndie said...

Am patiently awaiting my copy from Amazon!

Andrea.....waiting for the second book too. :-)

Dera Williams said...

Way to go. Great review and I concur.

Niambi Brown Davis said...

Thanks, Yas - I'm hoping the same!

Niambi Brown Davis said...

Hey, Janice, and thanks! I appreciate your excitement and your support :)

Niambi Brown Davis said...

Hi, Andrea: It's on its way :)
Thanks so much...

Niambi Brown Davis said...

Hi, Dera: Now you know that means a lot - thanks!