Friday, March 28, 2008

Blog Radio Virgin

I had the presentation lined up in my head and on paper, just to make sure. My phone was sufficiently charged. I brewed a pot of rocket launcher coffee so that I, too, would be sufficiently charged. After all, it wouldn’t do to fall asleep and send a loud thud over the airwaves when the phone slipped from my hand and hit the floor. Or worse, subject listeners to an hour and a half of oblivious, uninterrupted snoring. So at dial-up time, I was ready.
Or so I thought. At 8:00 pm last Friday I felt like a first-timer at the Apollo, shaking with fright and waiting for the big wooden hook to jerk me off the stage. Wes Craven’s movie title popped into my mind – The Hills Have Eyes. I was home alone, but I could swear those hills were right there in the room I could see them peering intently at me, shaking their heads back in forth in a naysayers version of the stadium wave, and silently critiquing my words as they unraveled like a ball of string in space, going absolutely nowhere.
But it got better as I went along, thanks to our host Ella Curry( I shared the air with Trice Hickman ( C. Rance Redman (, great guests who spoke with ease and eloquence of their works. I finally got over my fear and joined in. It was my blog radio baptism by fire. And when it was over, instead of coffee, I could have used a very dirty martini. Next time I’ll be ready. I’m a virgin novelist too, and I’ve got a book to promote!


Yasmin said...

Sis loved your blog...but just so you did well! You sounded like a professional and someone who had doing online radio tours for awhile! Keep up the good're doing just fine. You're doing okay!

Ella Curry said...

Niambi, you were fantastic! I could not tell you were nervous at all. Your book is so beautiful and the storyline even better! I wish you all the best and hope to see you on the Black Authors Network Radio show again....soon. We have oh so much to talk about in your new book and those to come.

I hope to have you join the EDC Literary Divas in the near future too!

Ella Curry,President/CEO EDC Creations
Black Author Network-Founder
Sankofa Literary Society-Founder
Power Magazine-Literary Director
A Good Book-Marketing Director

GENESIS said...

I didn't catch it but thanks for sharing your experience. It's kind of how I felt when I first started performing poetry on stage.

From the looks of the comments you were great. Keep it up brave


Trice Hickman said...

Niambi, you did a fantastic job on the interview!! I wouldn't have known that was your first blog talk radio show because you handled it like a pro!! If this is how you step up, you're gonna rule your book appearances! Keep up the great work and I can't wait for your book release and to get my copy personally autographed at one of your events!!

Trice Hickman, author of Unexpected Interruptions said...

Niambi I hope all is well. I wish you much success with the book.
-C. Rance Redman
"Young Hearts Run Free"