Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Review, a Rapturous Interview and the Winner's Circle

Check the picture – see why I didn’t get this post out until today? That's not me "playing 'mas" but it was DC Carnival weekend, so what can I say… (lol) But just before I left, I received a review from Terri Williams of Sisters Sippin’ Tea Literary Group, Tulsa Chapter. What a send-off – I love how it begins: “Just let me say right now, do not sleep on From Dusk To Dawn, Niambi Brown Davis's first romance novel. The cover had me fooled – it's a bit vanilla, but the pages between the front and back cover are filled with straight HOT CHOCOLATE! It took me two days to finish only because I wanted to savor the flavor.” Click here to read the rest of Terri’s review and to learn more about the Sisters Sippin' Tea Literary Group: http://www.apooobooks.com/2008/06/28/tulsa-sisters-sippin-tea-literary-group-niambi-brown-davis/

On Sunday, the threatened storm held off and the power held up, allowing me to be a blog talk radio guest of Lisa the Rapturous Reader. It was icing on the cake of an already wonderful weekend. You would think that instead of being separated by miles of cyberspace, we were sitting face to face, chatting like good girlfriends over tall glasses of sweet tea on a lazy Sunday afternoon. We touched on so many subjects – from the characters we liked the least, the ones hardest for me to write, all the way to the ingredients in Ayo’s luxurious and indulgent bath time treat. It was great – click on this link to listen for yourself.http://www.blogtalkradio.com/therapturousreader

And now for the winners and a word from Yasmin Coleman, online publicist extraordinaire and conductor of the Against All Odds Virtual Book Tour:

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Against All Odds Virtual Book Party and who helped kick off the first leg of the tour during the month of April. As many of you are aware, if you stopped by Niambi’s blog and left a comment during the month of April, you were entered into a drawing to win PRIZES including the coveted Ayo’s Beach Bag. You may not know it, but Ayo creates her own line of bath and body products. For après-beach pampering, enjoy Ayo’s Maracas Bay Coconut Cloud, Orange Blossom Balm and Pink Sands Soap. Ayo’s Beach Bag includes these products as well as a coral and green striped towel, an AUTOGRAPHED copy of From Dusk to Dawn, the matching bookmark, two lovely champagne flutes and a set of “Sun and Sand” tea lights. For the winner’s listening pleasure, the bag also includes the Dusk to Dawn remix, a soulful musical journey through the story of Ayo and Bilal.
Without further ado and a DRUMROLL PLEASE, the winner of Ayo’s Beach Bag as well as the other wonderful prizes are


First Place Winner ($25 Amazon Gift Certificate):
Rosa H.

Second Place Winners (AUTOGRAPHED copies of From Dusk to Dawn):
Darnetta F.
Jennifer C.
Gayla Clarke

Third Place Winners (Against All Odds CD):
Darnetta F.
Dera W.
Priscilla J.
JC Martin

I'm happy to add my own congratulations, and to thank you all for being a part of the Against All Odds Virtual Book Tour!


JC Martin said...

Congrats to everyone. Congrats to you especially, Niambi. I know this was a long time coming. Now it is finally here, so relish in the good feeling.

Niambi Brown Davis said...

Thanks, JC. No matter what comes afterwards, this experience will always retain its rightful place.

Book Manaic said...

Congratulations Niambi.. i enjoyed all of the post and sites. I also learned a lot.

congratulations also to Yasmin.. great job.

Congratulations to all of the winners.


Anonymous said...

Okay; I am glad you all won these prizes and not so glad that I didn't! LOL

But I just want to give a product testimony on that Orange Blossom Balm. It is indeed a balm of healing. Not only does it moisturize an older sistah's skin, but this past summer I fell and broke my leg and ankle. My foot had been so swollen (and painful) and dry...I used Niambi's Orange Blossom Balm on my foot and leg and it relieved the discomfort of the dryness and made my foot feel so much better.

The discoloration from the bruising also has improved. Made ole girl happy like nappy! LOL

Thanks Niambi! You are on to something with that product.