Wednesday, June 11, 2008

If You Don't Mind, It Don't Matter (Or Does It)?

Earlier today I watched Whoopi, Barbara, Joy, Sherri, and Elizabeth (Lawd, help this woman!) dissect the older man/younger woman dynamic. They trashed Rush Limbaugh’s Neanderthal statement that no one wants to see a woman age in public. (As opposed to aging in private behind baggy boxers, oh he of the little blue pill)? But what else should we expect of Rush?

Shonell Bacon, today’s guest blogger, examines the issue in reverse. How does the older woman/younger man dynamic affect a relationship – all aspects of a relationship? If you’re in a similar situation or know someone who is dealing with a May/December dilemma, read this post! Truthfully, for women and relationships of any age, her advice is not to be missed.

While you’re reading take special note of this quote: “One woman I know who is going through this EXACT same issue – among others – is Ayo Montgomery, the strong-willed main character of Niambi Davis’ debut novel…” Shonell is uniquely qualified to speak of Ayo’s hopes and fears. Everyone knows Bilal, the love of Ayo’s “prime of life”, but Shonell is one of the few people who knew Maurice, the great love of Ayo’s youth. Read what she has to say Click here to read more

Shonell really is everywoman, a woman dedicated to the craft of writing. Many years ago, I remember her as more than generous with her talent, her time and advice. It’s still true today. Here’s more about Shonell and why you should subscribe to her blog: Educator-everywoman Shon Bacon created the blog ChickLitGurrl as a way to express her angst as she tried to break BACK into the publishing industry as a solo author, but she quickly realized that she cared more about words and writing and talking about writing with other writers than she did waxing pathetically about her rejection woes. Thus, ChickLitGurrl: high on LATTES & WRITING was born. You can find her here:


JC Martin said...

Shon did a great job breaking it down. Here's the comment I left over there.

I like being married to a man older than me. Is it impossible to see myself with someone younger, no not at all. But my preference of the older man will keep me from going that route. Right now that's my take on it and I've been with the same person for 15+ years.

There really isn't anything wrong with it, if both parties involved is happy but for me I don't want to have to change anything about me. I'm set in my ways. I already have kids that are out of diapers and off the breast. I don't want to be damn near 50 starting that over again. Not for me, especially when I'm in my prime. But I have some years to go and my man is still going strong.

Yasmin said...

As always a nice lead-in to today's tour stop with Shon Bacon! Shon did a good job of breaking it down and sharing her thoughts.
As for me...I'm older and Age Ain't Nothing But a Number...assuming that a younger man doesn't want kids...if he had all the other qualifications and I was single...I wouldn't let a number hold progress
Then again who said I wanted him for his brain...oh heaven forbid to even get married...been there done that and once is enough. If something happens prematurely to Rick...I'm grabbing me a hook the kids say today...and I ain't looking back or worried about what others think or feel...hehe.

Niambi Brown Davis said...

JC and Yas: Someone asked me the other day if I would ever marry again; I couldn't get the words "oh no" out of my mouth fast enough! First of all, it's too soon for me to even be thinking of marriage, and second, I am too set in my ways! All I can say is that, if that time ever comes again, young or old, he'd have to be a HELL of a man 'cause he'd have a hard act to follow (lol)

Chick Lit Gurrl said...

OH MY GOSH...MAURICE...when are we gonna get some of him?? *sigh* I SO remember him, :-) Wow, that was a PURE "back down Memory Lane" moment for me, LOL

Chick Lit Gurrl said...

And know you are too sweet, :-) Thanks for the kind words!